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The fastest way to find and take advantage of new opportunities through data


What has happened?

Descriptive Analytics

Understand the past by involving key stakeholders and sharing findings with the entire organization. Integrate all relevant data and identify root cause through our novel key-driver analysis (KDA).


What could happen next?

Predictive Analytics

Build predictive models through our award-winning AutoML engine in a matter of seconds without coding. Quickly create prototypes that can be tested by everyone.


What should we do?

Prescriptive Analytics

Take action by exploring what-if scenarios, and by understanding the importance and impact of different variables. Our fully collaborative platform helps you to rapidly align the entire organization to new objectives.

We empower agile companies

The first unbounded interactive canvas to collaboratively work and play with data to take decisive action



Quickly iterate between descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive analytics



Never wait for results regardless of the data size or operation complexity



Never get stuck - use the full power of Python and work with multiple datasets all on the same screen



Work together on the same canvas during in-person meetings or remote working sessions

Visual Data Computing is a fundamentally new approach to data analytics

Traditional analytics tools either focus on descriptive analytics (e.g., BI tools) or predictive analytics (e.g., self-service data science tools), but largely ignore prescriptive analytics, the question of “what should we do?”. At Einblick we believe it is crucial that data-informed decision makers can quickly iterate between the three analytics steps to rapidly react to change and take appropriate action. 

Visual Data Computing reinvents analytics by allowing you to prescribe future action instead of just understanding the past or building machine learning models of the present.

1st wave of data analytics:
BI tools

Democratized prescriptive analytics by allowing everyone to explore past data.



2nd wave of data analytics:
AI tools

Democratized predictive analytics by allowing everyone to build models.



Einblick is leading the 3rd wave of analytics

Einblick democratizes prescriptive analytics by enabling users to swiftly turn entire data pipelines into what-if scenarios that simulate potential future outcomes to help you make the right decisions.


Taking Action

What Visual Data Computing can do for you

Reduce mean time to response

Every so often there is a unique opportunity or catastrophic event. A black swan. Something unforeseeable but with huge up- or down-side. These events require you to act fast as they often change everything: ML models fail, dashboards no longer show the relevant metrics, new datasets need to suddenly be integrated. Data science and BI teams are overwhelmed.

Einblick’s visual data computing is the best way to react to change and reduce the mean-time to response. It helps the entire organization to come together and make the required changes quickly in a remote setting or even directly during a meeting using an interactive whiteboard

Remove barriers and enable people to do more

Not everyone is fluent in Python and SQL. That is why BI tools use visual, easy to use interfaces in the first place. However, they severely restrict what users can do. The old dialog-based interface simply does not provide the same flexibility a coding language like Python does.

Einblick’s novel human-centered visual data computing interface changes this. It allows to do more in a completely visual manner and seamlessly integrate Python whenever needed. More importantly, the custom Python snippets can again be exposed as visual operators to the entire organization, enabling more and more people to directly work with data rather than relying on the BI/data science team for everything.

Creating a data-driven and agile culture

Every decision should be informed by data. Clearly, this isn’t the case today. Neither are current tools designed to foster collaboration, nor do they make it easy to have a real conversation about what the results actually mean. The problem is that results are usually discussed as PowerPoint presentation, effectively making it impossible to answer any follow up questions or look at the underlying assumption.

Einblick automatically tracks lineage and fosters collaboration as it natively runs on interactive whiteboards, such as the Microsoft Surface Hub, and supports Google Doc like editing, and its novel PowerPoint plug-in makes it possible to easily embed results in slides without losing the original link to the data.


The technology behind Einblick was developed by Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Brown University as part of the Northstar project. After 6 years of research and several deployments in industry, the entire team behind Northstar founded Einblick to commercialize Northstar.

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