Where teams
and data meet

A platform built from the ground-up for teams and Citizen Data Scientists

Einblick transforms the way teams work with data. Combine easy to use visualizations with powerful workflow and AutoML tooling, all in a whiteboard to support real time exploration. Einblick brings the whole team together with embedded conferencing and live discussions, making it the only place everyone can go to collaborate in real time on a virtual analytics canvas.

We change
a slow linear process

Gather data 3 days
Transfrom & Cleaning 5 days
Data Exploration 3 days
Model Building 2 days

Prescriptive Analytics
2 days

Presentation 14 days
Model Deployment

into an agile iterative experience

Your model development process is linear but how you explore a new problem or collaborate with your colleagues isn’t

Data-driven Decisions


Gather Data

Connect directly to databases with a wide-array of built-in connectors.

Transfrom & Cleaning

Construct complex visual queries to explore your data on a collaborative open canvas.
Data Exploration
Easily create charts and graphs, and then relate them together to construct visual queries to explore your data on a collaborative open canvas.
Model Building
Construct complex visual queries to explore your data on a collaborative open canvas

Prescriptive Analytics

Explore complex what-if scenarios based on your predictive modeling to make the best decision.
Create dashboards, highlight key insights, and use our native PowerPoint integration.
Model Deployment
Our powerful, award-winning ML will help you create accurate models faster.

Why Einblick?

The fastest way to go from raw data to actionable insights


Empower teams

Enable teams to actually work together and not just to share results


Enable Citizen Data Scientist

Turn your workforce into Citizen Data Scientist
and enable everyone to build and deploy models, perform what-if analysis, and find actionably insights



Consolidate your existing code in one visual platform for everyone to use

Use Cases

Organizations use Einblick’s collaborative analytics whiteboards to quickly explore data, build models, share critical results, and collaborate with their internal customers.

Enhance Analytic Collaboration

A chemical manufacturer's data science team needed to improve how they collaborated and communicated with their business owners in the initial exploration phase of analysis. Historically, they had leveraged video conferencing and online whiteboards without native functionality for data and analysis. With Einblick’s analytics collaboration whiteboard, they were able to work more quickly on prototyping an answer, and seamlessly share context and information.

Empower Citizen Data Science

A government agency had a single data scientist taking on all more technical ML requests for their entire workgroup. After just a few training sessions in Einblick, the team is now able to rapidly create NLP and ML models allowing the expert data scientist to focus on a narrower set of specialized projects while also expanding the total number of projects they can complete in any given time period.

Faster Insights and Better Models

Data scientists at a large services provider use Einblick’s Key Driver Analysis as a first step in data exploration as a better way to discover and highlight drivers. Some analyses only need simple explanations for performance differences; other times, a dataset might be unfamiliar and influential variables need to be highlighted. In cases when traditional variable exploration was combined by Einblick’s Key Driver Analysis and AutoML tools, they were consistently able to improve model accuracy by 25%.


A ML model was built in half the time.


The team now has five times the analytics bandwidth.


By combining Einblick’s AutoML and Key Driver Analysis tools together they were able to improve their model accuracy by 25%.