A radically faster approach to make data-driven decisions

Einblick is not just another analytics platform. It is a radical departure from contemporary data workflow solutions, visual business intelligence tools,  and data programming environments. It is the first platform to democratize prescriptive analytics. 

What’s new?
A single, visual tool for descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive analytics
Iteratively load, clean, transform, visualize, model data in a graphical user interface
Understand your data, build models, and share them with others in minutes, not days

Collaborate seamlessly on remote and in-person on data problems

Enable everyone to become a data expert

Video-Enabled Data Whiteboards

Einblick is not yet another analytics platform. It is a radical departure from the status-quo.

Data Workflow Engine
Business Intelligence Software
Data Programming Interface


Collaborative Environment


Key Features

visual collaborative analytics

Visual Analytics on a Free-Form Canvas

Support for quick iterations between loading, cleaning, transforming, visualizing, and modeling data on a unbounded free-form canvas.

python data frames for analysis

Visual Data Frames

Use the full power of Python data frames to manipulate data and work with several datasets on the same screen.

What-If Analysis

Understand the impact of different levers and model and plan for various scenarios.

prescriptive analytics with what if


Optimize for the outcomes that are relevant to your business, and understand trade-offs from different potential actions.

optimization for your business
AutoML engine

Interactive Machine Learning

Build ML models by using Einblick’s award-winning interactive AutoML tool without giving up control of model details.

clearbox analytic solution

Explainable Outcomes

Stop handing out black-box results with hidden assumptions. Instead, automatically keep track of lineage, make models explainable, and enable your entire organization to answer follow up questions.

statistically meaningful drivers

Key Driver Analysis

Use advanced fully integrated data mining techniques to discover interesting insights and find the key-drivers behind them.

export visuals

Shareable, Actionable Results

Directly share insights, dashboards, and even models, and bring your presentations to the next level using our advanced PowerPoint plug-in.

custom python code


Seemlessly integrate your own Python functions as new visual operators and make them easily accessible to your entire team or company.

automatic ML assistant

Statistical Safeguards

Our statistical assistant makes it easy for everyone to use the right type of statistical test for your data.

live collaboration


Einblick enables synchronous remote and in-person collaboration with peers in the same room. It was designed for pen- and touch-interfaces as well as desktop browsers.

cloud based analytics

Cloud Deployment

Einblick can be quickly deployed on the public or private cloud and works seamlessly with your existing storage and database systems.